deniseMy name is Denise Fattal Cupp, and in 1988, shortly after meeting my husband Robert and being one month shy of turning 21, I was, diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes. I was treated with chemotherapy for one year, and two years later I relapsed. I was fortunate to be accepted by the Stanford University Medical Center Bone Marrow Transplant Department and was very blessed to be able to use my own bone marrow for this life saving treatment. The care and support that I received from the doctors was a true testament to their dedication and passion to help others.

The Fattal Foundation is a Non Profit Foundation which benefits Stanford University Medical Center’s Bone Marrow Transplant Department. The Foundation was named in honor of my parents, as giving back and helping those in need was something my parents instilled in my sister and me at a very young age. The Board of Directors accepts no compensation for their time and services. These Board Members have been my support structure through my journey, and who better to believe in giving back than my family.

Thank you for your support,
Denise Fattal Cupp, President
The Fattal Foundation
Denise Fattal Cupp