The Fattal Foundation recommends the following resources for patients and their families:

National Marrow Donor Program

Bone Marrow Transplants are performed for certain types of Cancer & Leukemia for life saving treatment.

The need for volunteers as potential Donors gives more chances for survival to patients that are not able to use their own marrow and are unable to find a match with in their family. To volunteer as a Potential Donor the first step is to contact your local National Marrow Donor Program.

Once you are listed on the Registry, your tissue type will be compared to the thousands of patients worldwide who are searching for a match. If you are identified as a potential match – all medical costs are covered by the Patient’s medical insurance, as are all travel expenses and other non-medical costs.

Stanford Bone Marrow Transplant Center

Stanford provides information about their program and ongoing research, as well as information and resources for patients.